How did you get into intuitive painting?

Painting has always been a huge part of my life since I was 11 years old. Over 18 years later it has become all I can think of and do. I started painting in oil and took lessons for 13 years and then broke off into my own world of creation. It was amazing however I was only painting things I was able to see. I never explored the abstract because I somehow programmed myself to believe it was not in any way something challenging or interesting to engage in.


In 2019 during a session with a life coach/clairvoyant, she told me I am being guided to paint from my heart to hand and not from my brain to my hand. I did not fully understand until I tried it. For one month I challenged myself to paint at least twice a week intuitively. Without an idea, without my mind, just allowing myself to put it all out on the canvas. The judgement in the beginning was overwhelming. I uncovered a part of myself I did not even know existed which was the gift yes but also the immense self-judgment and self-hate I held within. I did not realize how much I was holding myself back not only in my art but in my life as a whole. Needless to say, it has been a journey and I keep uncovering more layers of myself through this process.


What is your mission as a channeler?


My mission as a channel is to create a piece that embodies the energy needed for whatever the purpose may be, to heal, to feel peace, to awaken etc. It is to serve the soul I am creating for. I set an intention before every piece to allow whatever the soul needs to come through the painting. 


How do you channel?

The how is very important. It has been my focus for the past several years. It is an accumulation of all the work that comes before and after a piece. The times I spent meditating, allowing my feelings to pass through and out of me. The confidence I built up not only in my abilities but in my self as a whole. The self love I have discovered throughout the years. The value I now see in myself and in my gifts. All that comes into the moments before I express. I breathe and ground into the moment, clear the space, clear my mind and release.

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Why "The Inter-Dimensional Artist"?

I call myself the Inter-Dimensional artist because I consider myself a portal between worlds. I am in between dimensions while I am channeling. Through my vessel I divinely join the dimensions of the unseen realms and this physical dimension.