Shutting off the mind and letting go of any expectation of the outcome is the focus of my process. I aim to never brainstorm or think about a final painting before I begin. A certain spontaneity for me is needed because it allows me to loosen my grip on the adventure that is about to take place. Starting off with a solid background reveals to me the very next step. I do not plan which colour or colours will come out of the colour mixing process. I choose colours at random that are calling out to me and mix them straight onto the canvas and not on a palette. This is where I find trust in myself and in my abilities. The knowing that whatever needs to be expressed through me will make its way effortlessly.


There is a real resistance that comes with the intention to flow and this is what has troubled me as an artist for years. I have now finally found the thing that allows me to, for lack of a better term, "go with the flow" and that is trust. Trusting every instinctual move i make in a painting from the colour choice to the forms, to the composition. Trust in my abilities and my natural talent to make a piece stand out.


When I get into a state of flow, I recognize myself again, I remember what my purpose is. I am alive in that moment. I see art and expression as a part of my soul poured out into the world. The inside world brought to the outer world and when people are in the presence of one of my pieces, a part of my soul can be felt, touched, and seen. A person in the presence of my art can get a glimpse into a part of me that i would have never been able to access if i had not done so through expressing. My art does not have any agenda other than self expression. If i lose sight of that i cannot create from an authentic place. The unconscious has so much to say and my role is to allow it to express without judgement. 

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