This piece had and still has me totally amazed because it came about so quickly and unexpectedly. This painting was the first time I incorporated beige into the background. I almost do not remember the process and that happens very often when I am totally into the flow. This one started off as something totally different. I created a painting, and it was not jiving with me, so I blended it all together and got the background you see here, as Bob Ross would say it was a “happy accident”.  I was then so inspired by this background I had created it just poured out so naturally. Adding layers upon layers of squares and organic shapes and lines, and at that point I had only used two colors and then the color purple popped into my head and I went with it. I made a purple that would compliment the colors beautifully. There are an infinite amount of colors and I love being able to meet new colors on a daily basis. This process is teaching me that I can take a painting anywhere, at least in terms of colors. The more I paint the more I realize how sensitive I am to color and that I have an innate ability to determine which color I am connected to and which I am not.


24" x 48"

| Angelic | Skies | Illuminated |