24" x 24"


I don’t know. This one makes me a feel a lot of things. May be the days rainy vibes... or something else. It kinda makes me feel lost, like a transition is happening, a change is coming but its like that void or limbo part just before the change occurs. 

I made this piece after a low point in my creativity. I was painting so many canvases and after an hour spent on one I would scrap all the paint off ( I saved the paint don't worry) and I would start over and I was never happy with the results. The process itself was also not so enjoyable. So after one of those annoying sessions, i saw I had a small canvas that already was painted on but it was one solid color. So I decided to use the extra scraped off paint on that canvas and just kind of let it rip. And I did and this came. To me it was a sign that something was coming. Something new was emerging in my art, a new essence.