How a lot of my paintings start off is as a cover up for another painting I did that no longer serves me or is giving me what I want, I completely start over. That is one thing that used to intimidate me, the fact of starting something all over again would have me fearful and I would judge myself for having wasted time with the first painting in the first place and I would ultimately decide to keep it because I put that time into it. Now its as easy as starting a new painting, I have learned to detach from a painting after it is done. I realize it was a form of expressing for me in that moment and it had to come out either way. The same goes for the new painting I make as a cover up. I feel it is much more freeing to understand that and does not keep me stuck with a painting I no longer enjoy looking at. This painting was a product of that understanding. It was a cover up and it flowed so naturally because I allowed myself to detach and create space for the new.


24" x 40"

| Cascade | Waterfall | Serene |