I knew starting this one that I would only stick to the color blue. Blue for me represents, water, fluidity, depth, darkness, somber, mystery, flow, eternity and intuition. I feel a strong pull to this color. The warm up for this painting was building a solid background, different blues with some white and black and just getting into the feeling of mixing and watching as these colors come together. There is nothing more grounding. I was listening to some Frank ocean, funny enough, not even on purpose. His music reminds me of that risk taking nature, fluidity and giving into the flow. Just the vibes of his music helps me get lost. There are about 6 shades of blue in this painting, and I purposefully made cold and warm blues intermingle. Which makes me a tad uncomfortable at first but I think the transition between them is what adds depth to this piece. Even though I personally do not like mixing certain colors together I do it anyway because it makes me feel disturbed a little and I appreciate that. The ultramarine blue up in the right hand corner feels slightly out of place but I love it anyway.


36" x 48"

| Blue | Deep Water | Mystery |