The only thing that came naturally to me the day I painted this was the background. At this point I had taken a liking to mixing blues and browns, something I stayed away from all of my artistic life.  This day I created the background with the subtle blue squares and let it sit for a day or two until I could find more inspiration. As I spent time away from it, I was thinking about it and realized a deep purple would compliment the background for sure. When I confronted the painting a couple of days after I was hesitant when starting because normally I like to start and finish a painting in one sitting. The paint is fresh and still wet so I have an easier time being free and expressing when I know if I do not like something I can just remove the paint or blend it into the background. Now I was in love with the background but if I make a move I do not fully enjoy it is harder to remove and not possible to blend it into a dry background. This takes me slightly out of flow and more into my head. Luckily however I managed to be as free as I could and created the rest of the painting and was very pleased with the result.


36" x 48"

| Contrast | Shadow | Movement |