I created this painting to resemble a similar piece I had made a few days prior. I was enjoying the beige, brown and blue combination I had so newly discovered. Even though some of my paintings have more than 5 colors I tend to try to limit it to 2-3 colors because I do not want to create something too multicolored. This is a personal preference for now and it may change. I feel like limiting colors gives me a feeling of calm and I only use more colors if I am being called too. This time around, the blue and pink combination was really calling me. I did my usual blue and beige and brown background and decided to add a line of pink down the middle and the pink I made was subtle and complimented the blue background because I added some of that exact blue into the pink. Then the rest followed, I got into my flow and let my hand do its thing and voila!


30" x 30"

| Flesh | Turmoil | Reaching |