30" x 36"


My inspiration for a piece normally comes from an inner feeling. A nudge from spirit or the universe. My body tells me it is now time to express. This is what happened with this piece. I go about my day as i normally do. I do not plan when i will make a painting. It is spontaneous. I get in the studio and in less than an hour this piece was born. Created out of the eather through my body. This is generally the process for any piece. I have a deep connection to greens and blues. To me they have the intensity and depth that allows me to get into a flow. I focus on breath and music and just allow my body to move. I called this piece “ Immersion” because that was what it felt like. I was immersing myself into the depths of the colors, the feeling, the breath. My body was taken over by this piece. I exclusively work in oil because the textures dry the same as how you lay them when wet. Also, the fact that is takes time to dry as well as the feeling of oil paint itself, so dense and luscious. Like no other.