20" x 40"


This painting came about after a long painting hiatus. Okay well... if I am being honest, I was still painting but not intuitive abstract painting. I was painting what relaxed me the most which is just copying a photo as best as I can on canvas. Anywho, in taking this break, I got very in my head about things, especially about painting. Almost like I felt I lost the magic or the flow. The break I took was due to feeling too much pressure in creating, not only paintings but content for my instagram and website. The days I did not want to paint, I would be harsh with myself and not allow the break to happen. So i finally decided to get back into it after a healing I had with a friend. An intense clearing happened and I decided it is time to fully let loose and let go. I had been wanting so badly for my art to be unique and different that i was not allowing it to just flow. I would plan a lot of it and kind of have an idea of what I wanted it to look like. I realized I was being rigid with my creativity. So i let loose and this piece was born.