I cannot stand the color yellow on so many levels. The challenge for me in this piece was to make myself like the color yellow and I can say with conviction that I did it! A combination of purple and yellow is also something that always bothered me as an artist seeing it in other works of art. I do not know exactly why I dislike that combination but if it makes me uncomfortable I feel I should be diving into it. I think I dislike yellow because of its business, to me it does not create a calm in me like blue does. It makes me feel chaos and airiness and overall discomfort. I only decided to add the purple half way through. I wanted to create depth which is something I aim to do for all my pieces in one way or another and of course light colors come forward and dark colors recede. I thought it would be interesting to use the purple as a foreword color as well as a receding color. I also enjoy how it creates an impression of a cloud however, like in a lot of my pieces; the squares add something that takes it out of context so the mind does not fixate on a sky. I am overall pleased with this piece because I made myself love the color yellow, in this piece anyway.


36" x 36"

| Light | Contrast | Saturated |