This one came out of a day of fatigue, mentally and physically. I felt the need to paint even though I was not inspired or interested. I began by making the background as I always do and absolutely wanted to stay in the blue hues. I think at this point I found my comfort zone. I will eventually find another color that calls to me like blue does but for now, especially during such uncertainty in my life, blue feels like home. After making the background I proceeded to add an ultramarine line from the top right corner up to the bottom left corner. Felt unsatisfied, was about to fully blend the new line into the background and as I started doing so, I was enjoying the effect of partially blending the line into the background. I continued doing so while adding layers upon layers of rectangles all done on wet paint to ensure the colors blend well together.


30" x 30"

| Overlap | Cool | Monochromatic |