What I am coming to realize with abstract art and in my art as well is that every line and every subtle choice made in a painting is important. Although a lot of my pieces have a similarity in the motifs and patterns (i.e squares, lines and dots), the way they are used, the emotions that are behind them and the feeling you get from each decision is immensely different from piece to piece. The thought behind my colour choices are quite important to me. Although if you watch my painting videos it seems I am making colours willy nilly but in fact I have gotten so sensitive to the way colours communicate that I make it a point to get the right colours that feel really good to me. In this case the pink had a lot of different colours in it. So I took the dark colours of the pink and made a black. I usually make a black because believe it or not there are an infinite amount of blacks. This one had a deep green hue as its main colour. It complimented the pink wonderfully. I then felt something was missing and thought YELLOW! I ended up making more of a caramel colour but I felt it was complete after that.


30" x 40"

| Rollercoaster | Shadow | Space |