If you know me you know I have trouble getting in a state of flow with two colours specifically, yellow and red (or pink). This for me like all my other red or pink paintings has me diving into a slower process than usual because of the fact that red does not fully resonate with me. As soon as I laid the coral colour down I thought oh no… I even filmed myself painting this with a time-lapse and you can see me restart it about 3 times. Literally having a “finished product”, stepping back, looking at it and blending it all back into a background. Finally I told myself to breathe and start again. After my mini meditation I got into a groove, instead of focusing on the colour, I chose to focus on the expansiveness of the canvas. Goes to show how perspective is everything. The expansiveness had me channel my wild side and I found myself making large movements with the palette knife. I came to another hurdle when I only had used about 3 colours at this point all in the same range, red pink and coral and it looked quite plain. So I decided to take all the colours I had made, mix them together and add some blue, yellow and burnt sienna and I created this dynamic green to compliment it. And of course the squares are my signature motif so I decided to incorporate the rigidness of the squares in with the organic shapes.


36" x 48"

| Storm | Electricity | Elegant |