This piece was created at one of my live painting events when I painted to the live music of Cinzia & the Eclipse, an amazing local band here in Montreal. Had already been listening to their music for a while so it was an honour for me to paint in the presence of their sounds live. I was honestly 100% nervous not only the day of but the week before as well. It was my first time doing a live painting at least in front of more than one person. My heart was beating fast when I knew I had to go on, and then the music started and i began. i got into my flow i would say 2 songs in. I then let go of control a bit. I was worried beforehand about what color to use and what to paint. But then i remembered that is not up to me. What is up to me is geting my brain out of the way and being present with myself in a non judgemental space. I remembered that and then this painting was created. What a beautiful experience. 



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