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Here are a few answers to your frequently asked questions as well as some things I feel are important for my customers to understand and know about the way that I work!


What types of commissions do you accept?

  • I of course accept any abstract intuitive pieces. 

  • Any reproductions of a photo you want to have painted.

  • Portraits

  • If you want an intuitive abstract piece but with elements in it such as a flower, a face, an animal etc. I am open to this however see the question " What should I expect when commissioning a piece from you?" to understand that process.

How does ordering a custom piece work?

Upon speaking with me or sending in your order, I immediately send an invoice for a 50% deposit which can be payed either by credit card or PayPal.

The piece will then be made in divine timing but I am as efficient as they come so I would give it 2-3 weeks tops. At that point the second half of the payment will be invoiced before shipping. 

I am opened to payment plans.

If you want to pay in full in one shot that is fine as well.

Look forward to working with you!

What should I expect when commissioning a piece from you?

First and foremost you should expect my full undivided attention, incredible work ethic and a deep commitment to channeling the most intuitive, highly charged energy painting. I take my work to heart. I treat every piece like my baby. If it is not infused with my love and from my heart it is not up to my standards.

I ask of one thing in return in our agreement. To whoever is wanting a piece from me, I ask that you allow me the freedom I need to create a piece that is of the highest energy. I work intuitively therefore I need the space to move around figuratively and literally ha.

I request if you would like a piece with specific elements in it (for example a tree and a mermaid) I would ask that the placement, composition and color choices ( for the most part) be left up to me or more specifically up to my intuition. I am a channel therefore whatever will come through me will be exactly for you and sometimes your mind, or my mind cannot conceive of the final result.

If you are wanting a specific outcome or have an expectation I will intuitively feel that and therefore feel restricted which is exactly the energy I cannot be in in order to create. 

I so lovingly want to create a piece for you that will give you that awe inspiring feeling every time you look at it and for that to happen I must be so present that my body has no choice but to be used by the divine. Oh so magical!

What medium/surface do you use?

I am a simple gal, I create my work with oil paint on canvas of any size really. I prefer creating on gallery canvas with the sides being 1.5 inches thick so the painting does not need to be framed. If you would like to frame it that is up to your discretion however please let me know upon ordering so I can purchase a regular canvas and not a gallery one.


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